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Welcome to October everyone. I am truly amazed each time a new month arrives because the days seem to be going by so quickly.

This blog today is a little different than my normal entries, but I am fundraising for two great causes, and this blog is by far my largest platform.

Today I shared a post on my facebook asking people to purchase a 2018 calendar, that I made to help raise funds for Nick Robert’s Legacy fund, as well as Fierce Mountain Ranch.

Since the very day Nick died, I knew that I had to be a part of raising awareness for backcountry safety, specifically, snowmobilers. The year Nick died there were at least fifteen avalanche fatalities in Canada, which were mostly in British Columbia. Thirteen of which were snowmobilers. I may be slightly off with my numbers, but from my understanding this is accurate.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know several people who have also lost loved one’s in avalanches and or have been involved in avalanches themselves. Although I am blessed to have met them, I hate the circumstances in which we met.

Nick Robert’s Legacy Fund is going to look like this. Each year I want to be able to purchase as many Avalanche Bags, beacons, shovels, probes, and AST 1/AST 2 courses. This as many of you know in the snowmobiling community, is a lot of money. I want to set it up so it is a contest style system where people can enter to win. It won’t simply be sending me your name, and you will be entered; there will also be an accountability component, which I am currently trying to figure out.

Nick had all of the equipment, but his training and education were not up to par. In the end, the equipment was useless.

I have written and shared my thoughts on the safety issues we see time and time again in the backcountry and my goal, with the help of others, is to work towards making it safer. I truly believe this is happening already and I can’t wait until the day having the proper equipment, proper training, and loads of practice is a no-brainer.

If we can accomplish that, Nick, and all the others we have lost will not have died in vain.


Fierce Mountain Ranch.

Fierce Mountain Ranch is an invaluable resource in the making. Shanda, Jarod, Scott and I are working hard to make this dream into a reality but like everything else, building a business costs money. We are enrolled in a course coming up in November and have a list of certifications we hope to receive.

Almost everyone knows someone who has experienced complex trauma, lost loved ones, and or has struggled with getting their lives back after being knocked down. When you’re in that situation, it can be a very scary place, and unfortunately, as we know, not everyone makes it out of the dark without ending the pain themselves.

Fierce Mountain Ranch will offer peer support, wilderness therapy, yoga and mindfulness classes, animal therapy, as well as individual and group therapy. We have a million more ideas, but this is the basis of FMR. For more information please check out http://www.fiercemountainranch.com.

By purchasing one of these calendars, you will be helping the development of FMR and the birth of Nick’s legacy fund.

Each calendar costs $25. I will also offer a buy one get one 50% off deal if you purchase before the morning of October 3rd (there is a special promo on right now). Besides, sometimes we need more than one calendar and Christmas is coming up.

All the leadership and motivation courses I have taken have always said, set a goal and stick to it. If you can visualize the goal, you can make it happen.

My goal is to sell 1000 calendars in the next 60 days.

Remember 50% of the proceeds goes to Nick’s legacy fund which goes back into the backcountry community, and 50% to FMR. This would be an amazing amount of money and afford us the opportunity to do many things to help us move forward.

This may seem like a large unreachable number, but I honestly believe each person reading this will be able to relate to either the avalanche awareness piece or the support of FMR.

I managed to sell 20 calendars with in an hour, and I believe I can do way better than that. Thank you, everyone, in advance and please help me achieve my goal.

Thank you so much to Sharperpix  www.sharperpix.ca for being a part of this project. His photos are absolutely stunning, and each photo in the calendar are from Western Canada, and accompanied by one of my favorite quotes. Please feel free to check out the link and let us know if you are interested in any of the photos you see. If you would like to purchase any of his prints he will donate 25% to Nick’s legacy fund and 25% to FMR.

Also, if you are a part of the snowmobiling community and have any ideas or suggestions as to how the legacy fund should look, please feel free to contact me at any time. Together we can make this happen and work towards a safe season and many safe seasons to come.

If you would like to purchase a calendar, please contact me at meggos@icloud.com. You can also contact me with any questions you may have. Below are the photos featured in the calendar.

Thank you so much, everyone.

Live Fearlessly,


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